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Back Door Bars: Bar owners are using back doors to sneak in customers despite closure over COVID-19

Ugandans defying curfew time and moving on to enjoy the bitter despite government restrictions

Bar owners have defied government directives and opened their bars through bar doors.

They sneak their loyal customers and drink the bitter till late in the night.


Bars operating are defying government’s directives for bars to remain closed till the Ministry gives a go ahead over COVID-19 pandemic.

Interestingly some customers are seen Freely boozing openly which is against guidelines and directives issued.

Some bars tell customers to put beers in polythene bags to disguise as if drinking not drinking and dodge security operatives.
Some bars are disguising as groceries yet behind in the back doors, patrons are heavily drinking.

Guys enjoying alcohol freely in one of the bars in Kampala

Despite few or no COVID-19 cases in the communities, this defiance by bar owners and patrons to continue operating illegally puts lives of many Ugandans at risk in a case one carries a disease there. These people aren’t of the same homesteads but different ones.

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