People like Charles Lambert is what Africa needs

Black Wall Street to trigger Africa’s first ever economic war

Development Channel boss Charles. Nwabuikwu Lambert is set to trigger the first ever African Economic war under his umbrella arm ‘The Black Wall Street’.

If Africa had 100 people who are like Charles Lambert, she will be very far in terms of economic empowerment.

Lambert has his sights and heart for Africa and wants to do all he can to see Africa gain an economic power and be a self sustaining independent continent.

Mr. Lambert this week revealed that he will kick off Black Wall Street economic war in mobile devices industry in Africa with $60 billion dollars capital flight channel with disruptive commerce to begin a massive economic war in multiple sectors for Africa’s glory.

He said he doesn’t know long this war will last but his mission is seeing that hundreds of billions ploughed back.

“I have no idea but one thing I am confident of is that we will win this war and scare economic invaders from Africa for the next millennium,” Charles N Lambert said.

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