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King Charles Lambert sends strong message to enemies of Africa

Denzel Shantel- June 5, 2023

The author of the blueprint of the Africa Rebirth/Renaissance and the founder of the Black Wall Street (BWS) King Charles Lambert has reaffirmed his mission ... Read More

King Charles Lambert announces Pan African Job Centre to create 300 million jobs for Africa youths

Denzel Shantel- January 13, 2023

The creator of the new economic system, a wonderful investment opportunity- Compassionate Capitalism, King Charles N Lambert-  has announced the creation of the Pan African ... Read More

Black Wall Street King Charles Lambert pledges support for African Herbalists

Denzel Shantel- November 22, 2021

There has been a myth about how effective African Herbal medicines are in the past but of recent they are proving to be effective. The ... Read More

Black Wall Street Allocates 1,000 Upap Slots to Struggling Families 

Denzel Shantel- November 3, 2021

The original Black Wall Street (BWS) stock known as UPAP which pays $100 per month in dividends has been allocated to Lechi, a service under ... Read More

Black Wall Street begins automatic withdraw of Dividends acquired through Investment points gained from regular product purchase on Redirect Mall

Denzel Shantel- October 13, 2021

Africa’s biggest and only platform for economic development, Black Wall Street (BWS) has begun the automatic withdrawal of dividends from investment points gained from regular ... Read More

Africans need to understand that the social world drives the business world

Denzel Shantel- February 22, 2021

The leader of Black Wall Street, Africa’s first Economic War is at it again unleashing his potential. Charles N. Lambert has said Africans but especially ... Read More

“Africa must adopt Museveni’s System”- Charles Lambert

Denzel Shantel- December 28, 2020

Black Wall Street Economic War leader Charles N. Lambert has said the only thing that works in all the nations of the world is home ... Read More

Lambert publishes a new book dubbed ‘New World of Compassionate Capitalism’ to spearhead Economic War

Denzel Shantel- December 19, 2020

A new book which is change the face of Africa is about to hit our book shelves. The book titled ‘New World of Compassionate Capitalism’ ... Read More

Charles Lambert describes Ugandans as individually good people

Denzel Shantel- July 9, 2020

The Black Wall Street Economic War activist Charles Lambert has described Uganda as a country with individually good people but collectively selfish.  In his new ... Read More

Nigerian star actor joins Black Wall Street Economic War

Denzel Shantel- June 3, 2020

The Black Wall Street (BWS) Economic War spearheaded by Charles N Lambert is gaining moment across Africa. Latest info reaching us has it that Nigerian ... Read More

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