Our  Tick Remedy Is Organic, Pastor Kayanja To NDA Says Its Not Harmful

Our Tick Remedy Is Organic, Pastor Kayanja To NDA Says Its Not Harmful

Miracle Centre Cathedral lead Pastor Robert Kayanja has vowed not to disclose his new tick drug patent rights to National Drug Authority (NDA).

“But they wanted us to give them what is in the product. And we said we can’t until proper procedures are done until we reach the stage of approval,” Pastor Kayanja explained.

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The man of God revealed yesterday while addressing a press conference at his church in Rubaga Division, Kampala that they are willing to cooperate with NDA but under the proper procedure, not under threat and demand.

“This is our organic drug and the option of giving away property rights is not an option whether they talk us to the highest court or not,” Pastor Kayanja submitted.

The tug of war is over an organic ticks remedy innovation which NDA termed dangerous in a statement issued by Abiaz Rwamwiri, the NDA Public Relations Manager.

Titled ‘counterfeit tickoff acaricide being promoted by Pastor Robert Kayanja, the press release read in brief.

“NDA on January 02 2023 learned with concern the manufacture, distribution, and use of ‘TICKOFF’ a purported acaricide produced by CPM Wave that was first publicly promoted by Pastor Robert Kayanja at one of his services at Rubaga Church during the 2022 Christmas season.”

It went on that “Pastor Kayanja and his team declined to disclose the ingredients of the product but NDA working with Uganda Police impounded over 100 samples from his church stores and took them to both NDA and Government Chemist Laboratories.”

In his defense, Pastor Kaynaja told the media that in his 40 years plus of service, he has never had any ill intentions for his fellow Ugandans.

“I don’t know what Laboratories where they took the products and they told them there is mukene? We have no mukene in our product. Our product is organic and we insist that every component there is designed from organ items.”

Well, the trashing of allegations from NDA that the said chemicals were being mixed
with animal feeds and mukene (silverfish) and packaged without any expiry date,
ingredient information or warning, it’s only the authority that can doubt the man of God.

“I want to assure Ugandans that we did not put any chemicals in the product. It is 100% organic and if anybody has a problem with ticks he can come,” Pastor Kaynaja noted adding that.

“We did not sell the product. I told everybody on the 31st it’s for free and none of the people were given the product that we have
charged money for.”

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