‘Our MPs are greedy’ – Bebe Cool

Big size singer Bebe Cool has attacked Members of Parliament (MPs) calling them greedy and selfish. While posing on his wall, the singer said that instead of leading  by example, they want to drain poor Ugandans. He was reacting to a law passed by the legislators to exempt them from paying taxes. Below is the singer’s reaction about the issue;

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

“This morning am forced not to greet but show my dissatisfaction with Uganda’s Members of Parliament. And this is if it’s true, shame on all you MPs both NRM, FDC (for FDC i would have loved to hear you disagree with this motion even if you can’t win due to numbers but show the same spirit you did during the campaigns that you feel the pain of the poor Ugandans but unfortunately when it comes to money in your own pocket, you all become the same) You should lead by example. You should be the one to emphasize your selves paying taxes on all the money that you earn and by that way encourage the people you represent to do the same. U all know to what extent Uganda depends on taxes but the big question is WHAT EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING?
You should encourage Ugandans to pay taxes, tell them the advantages and also teach them that if they pay taxes, organise their books of accounts, they get tax returns.
Am not saying u wrong or right, am saying it does not show good intentions and it’s only going to benefit MP’S only not all Ugandans.
I hope and pray that in the next budget, taxes are lowered for the normal citizen of Uganda otherwise these r some of the reasons why Ugandans will misunderstand the president yet it’s u the MP’S who pass the laws. Am not a politician but just a concerned responsible Ugandan.
It’s my opinion.
Am UGANDAN. I love my country”

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