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NWSC Young Water Professionals – Uganda chapter in Youth Mentorship drive

The Young water professionals Uganda chapter has partnered with the founders of the *Boy’s mentorship Program* an initiative to mentor P.7 Leavers (BOYS’) into responsible future leaders/men of this country.

The program that has been cherished by many parents has the following programs lined up

Job Placements in organisations. They include but not limited to; construction, flower gardening, landscaping, tree planting, engineering

_-Supermarkets, Bookshops, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Banking Halls, Radio Stations_

_Welcoming Customers (with a smile), taking & making food orders & clearing plates in cafeterias, cleaning work areas, collecting / pushing trolleys at supermarkets, acting as office messengers in banking halls, document / paper arranging in offices, presenting on radio as DJ’s_ all aimed at giving the Boys an early work experience.

The Young water professionals committee members will be part of the program which is in line with the YWP action plan 2017-2018 *capacity building/youth mentorship* and will inculcate issues of safe hygiene, sanitation, catchment protection, career guidance among many others to the little ones.

The YWP president while speaking to the Boys shared the following

  • Planting trees to conserve the environment
  • Encouraging parents to pay bills
  • Always discourage illegal water activities
  • Protect water sources
  • NWSC activities SWAS/YWP
  • Careers (Engineering, water quality technicians, Accounting, Marketing, PR etc)
  • Smartness
  • Prayer
  • Etiquette among many others.

The program is designed to build responsible men of this country

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