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NWSC explains why water levels dropped in Mbarara

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has explained in details why there is drastic water drop in the water levels in Mbarara and surrounding areas.

NWSC confirmed to us that the drop in water levels in the area have been caused by a prolonged dry spell which has hit area causing reduction in water levels at River Rwizi.

In a statement released on Tuesday, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) wishes to inform its esteemed customers in Mbarara that the prevailing dry spell has caused a drastic drop in the water levels at river Rwizi.

This has significantly affected water production in the area resulting in intermittent supply to some parts of Mbarara.

The most affected areas are the raised parts of Mbarara such as Karugangama, parts of Kitebero, Rwemirinzi, Kakoma in Kaberebere, parts of survey cell, Rwobuyenje, Rubaya, kamatirisi, Kakoba – Muyenga, Kakoba – Alliance, parts of Kakiika, Bunusya, among others.

As we continue to undertake some interventions aimed at alleviating the effects of the reduced river levels, we urge all our esteemed customers to, when water is received, save as much water as possible and use it sparingly.

We are sorry for the inconveniences caused by this act of nature that is totally beyond our control.


In related development, NWSC is carrying ongoing water quality monitoring to ensure water quality in Kapchorwa- London Bridge, Public stand pipes in Kisenyi, Kapchorwa hospital, various health centres and schools. “Water quality is at the heart of our operations,” NWSC said.

NWSC has also successfully installed a new pumpset in Nebbi area upgrading its raw water capacity from 100m3/hr to 128m3/hr. This and more is part of the ongoing water supply stabilization plans designed to improve supply in areas under NWSC operation.

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