NWSC clarifies on Impersonation of its staff

Management of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has been notified of a video circulating on social media where individuals impersonating NWSC field staff attacked someone. This is unfortunate and is obviously a crime. Police is investigating the matter.

NWSC would like to assure her esteemed customers and the general public that NWSC field staff carry identity cards and are dressed in overalls with unique serial numbers. NWSC staff are under instructions to identify themselves to customers. We encourage the customers to ask anyone claiming to be from NWSC to identify themselves.

NWSC staff come to your home to read your water meter, fix reported cases of no water, repair leaks and check integrity of connections. It is an important and necessary job to ensure you have reliable water supply.

NWSC Bills also contain a number of your customer relationship officer. Call that number if you have any queries regarding your NWSC water supply or field staff.

You can also call NWSC toll free on 0800 200 977 or 0800 300 977.

NWSC has robust know your customer protocols that include a territorial management system where individual staff are assigned to specific territories for efficient and reliable operations and customer care.

We encourage our customers to know NWSC field staff and managers who are in charge of their specific areas.

If you suspect a crime is about to be committed please call the Police.

Relatedly, NWSC management has recently been receiving information from some of our customers that some people purporting to be NWSC auditors call asking for some money in return of adjustments of their water bills. We clarify that NWSC payments are only done through official mobile money channels with telecom companies and also through banks. Payment through personal requests is NOT permitted.

NWSC is committed to Water for All for Delighted Customers by a delighted workforce.

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