Dan Drizzy owns 2021 with live version of his hit record ‘Sika’

Dan Drizzy owns 2021 with live version of his hit record ‘Sika’

Accra, Ghana: Born Daniel Odun, Dan Drizzy who has had his music journey hugely impacted by his upbringing is out with a live version of his hit single ‘Sika’ featuring Kevin Black together with Band Masters. Over the course of his career, the talented crooner has been highly inspired by his family’s deep ties to South African and Nigerian music. Listen here: https://distroplug.ffm.to/sika-live

It can be said that Dan is a well-blended cocktail of influences – drawing from his dual world heritage. This is evident in the richness and depth of music he is able to produce. On this live performance, Dan showed his impressive range of vocal mastery to deliver a splendid performance that will send echoes through the industry.

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Dan Drizzy’s outstanding sonic nuances, musical arrangements and songwriting abilities have landed him in the spotlight both in Ghana and across Western Africa. With a breathtaking live performance like this, the sky is only the limit for this megastar.

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