Lyantonde- Kiruhura Districts To Get New Water Supply System

Lyantonde- Kiruhura Districts To Get New Water Supply System

The Government of Uganda through National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has secured funding worth Ushs 15.1billion to implement a new water supply system across the districts of Lyantonde and Kiruhura by December 2022.

The Water Supply Project is majorly aimed at ensuring the provision of good quality drinking water to the water stressed areas in the two districts which also includes the Industrial Park in Nshara and all surrounding communities respectively.

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While inspecting the ongoing works, NWSC MD Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha appreciated the Lyantonde and Kiruhura local leadership for their tremendous support towards this project’s implementation.

“We are currently serving Lyantonde and Kiruhura districts using one plant with 2.1million litres per day of water production capacity against a demand of 5million litres which is not enough. However, the new plant will produce 5million litres of water per day. The combined water production from the two plants upon completion will cater for any existent demand for water services to support industrialization and the water needs of the two sister districts until 2032 in the long run,” he added.

Eng. Mugisha equally commended the contractor and NWSC project supervisors for successfully implementing this project within given time and cost.

He urged the people of Lyantonde and Kiruhura to protect the lake against pollution and engage in source protection initiatives to curb human activities near the lake.

Lyantonde and Kiruhura districts have previously faced water supply challenges due to increased demand for water services and extreme weather events during the prolonged dry spell hence increased challenges of poor quality raw water that consequently doubled NWSC’s water production cost.

A Contract was signed with M/S PLUMBASE (U) LTD AND ANHUI HOLDING GROUP COMPANY LTD JV to execute the project.
i) Project Scope
The project entails development of an off-shore water in-take and a water treatment plant of capacity 5,000,000million litres per day, on the shores of Lake Kakyeera at Rukukuru Landing Site.

The treated water will be pumped to a 1,500, 000million litres/day storage reservoir within Nshaara Ranch; from where it will gravitate to the areas of Rukukuru, Nshaara, Rwempogo, Akageeti, the industrial park, Rushere and the surrounding areas for domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

Works at the treatment plant site in Rukukuuru, the reservoir site and pipe laying at Nshaara are ongoing and are at an advanced stage.

The Project shall be completed by end of December 2022.

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