Luzze Wanted Over Homo Sex

Ugandan police has placed a bounty for any person who will help them get immoral teenager Daniel Luzze.


Luzze is wanted by the authority over homosexuality which is illegal according to the laws of Uganda.

Luzze slipped from the hands of police yesterday after being found red handed kissing and tormenting the bums of a one Fred Kabonge who resides in Bakuli Mengo a suburb of Kampala city.

According to the community of Mengo, Luzze was recruited by a renowned bum tormentor a one Chris Mubiru who lives in the outskirts of the densely populated suburb.

It is a public rumour that Mubiru is gay and that he has many girl friends that play football in a top league club.

Luzze escaped from Police after being held while in a local night club with his so called girl friend Kabonge.

The vice of homosexuality is rapidly growing in the country but police is not about to give up the hunt for the perpetrators since it is illegal according to laws of the land.

A police source told Red Pepper snoops that Luzze is believed to have fled the country but the hunt is still on and that when he is nabbed he will be arraigned before courts of law.

Most African countries are so sensitive with homosexuality and a few of them like South Africa have incredibly legalized the vice.

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