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Uganda’s Top Fashion Designers

Fashion industry in Uganda has not been the best in the past but it is slowly improving and getting into a big thing.

This is because some of our women have not sat back to leave the industry stagnant, they have stood and raised the bar high to make fashion stand out in Uganda.

We bring you ladies who are trying their best to shape Uganda’s Fashion Industry.

Sylvia OworiSylvia Owori

Sylvia Owori

She is one of the pioneers of fashion in Uganda. Sylvia has always had passion for fashion, she has had her designs, train models for catwalks, and this has shaped Uganda fashion industry.

She has Sylvie boutique where she sells her designs.

Solome KatongoleSolome Katongole

Solome Katongole

She is a Ugandan born fashion designer with an American culture influenced up bringing. Solome is a Biologist by training; her past endeavors have included obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and working for a pharmaceutical company, Cephalon.

This experience culminated in her striving for a greater challenge and passion thus becoming a Fashion Designer. In early 2008 she acquired an internship in London with Yemi Osunkoya of the Kosibah label for 5 months.

Upon her return to the U.S, she attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles to further her knowledge and education in fashion.

She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2009. Her talents continued to blossom and grew to the creation of her own self-name label.

Her label specializes in ready to wear, and customized women’s clothing. Solome’s mission is to create and make high quality garments using unique and exquisite fabrics.

She merges traditional and western styles to create modernized garments. Her main source for inspiration is color, nature and the 50s genre. With the success of the label, she has begun to transform the canvas of fashion.

Participating in major fashion shows including Africa Fashion Week New York 2010, Boston Fashion Week 2010, Fashion Expose, Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week 2011, Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012, and Ankara Fest Los Angeles 2013.

 Stella AtalStella Atal

Stella Atal

She is one of the first Uganda fashion designers. She has truly played a big role in the Uganda fashion industry.

 Nusurah KaseruuziNusurah Kaseruuzi (C)

Nusurah Kaseruuzi (C)

She is based in the UK and owns Mwajuma clothing line. Her line is doing well and she is on course for a greater fashion future.

Stella NankyaStella Nankya

Stella Nankya

She is based in South Africa and owns Starqt Fashion House designs. She makes her own designs and this has helped in selling Uganda fashion outside the country.

Because of her designs, she was able to represent Uganda at 2013 Miss Asia Pacific World Beauty pageant in South Korea in October.

Judith HeardJudith Heard

Judith Heard

She started way back as catwalk model and she has now grown into a designer who now owns a fashion line.

She recently started her own clothing line #2AfricanGalz which she co owns with Nigeria’s Michelle.

 Hellen LukomaHellen Lukoma

She owns House of Lukoma at Mabarizi Complex. Her clothing line Genesis lauched on 24th December 2013 at Silk shows how far she has done in the fashion industry of Uganda.

 Juliana NasasiraJuliana Nasasira

The daughter of one of Uganda’s longest serving minister John Nasasira, Juliana Nasasira owns a clothing line called Kwesh Fashion.

Her first showcase left fashion lovers who attended the show at Protea hotel wondering whether she had set the bar too high for herself on her first ever showcasing.

Juliana went to Instituto Marangoni in Milan-Italy, one of the leading fashion and design institutes with campuses in Milan, London, and Paris.

It’s this experience from the home of fashion that she brings to Uganda and the world.

 Carol MugashaCarol Mugasha donning her own dress from Kunda Fashion

Carol Mugasha donning her own dress from Kunda Fashion

Working with Bank of Uganda has not stopped Carol to chase her fashion dream. She owns Kunda Clothing line, which embraces Africa’s very own vitenge culture – creating modern on-trend, ferocious designs for the modern day person, and possess an international appeal.

 Brenda NambiNambi Brenda

Nambi Brenda

She owns Bambi Fashions and soon we may see herself starting her own clothing line.

Doreen FaithDoreen Faith

Doreen Faith

She is the founder and designer at Dare Fashion House.

The Ugandan UK based fashion designer told us that her aim is to bring Dare to Uganda. She is set to open a store in Uganda and this will boost our fashion industry too.

 Flavia NakafeeroFlavia Nakafeero

Flavia Nakafeero

She owns Flash Models Uganda and she is a designer who deals in sweaters. This young designer better known as Flash Nak is slowly turning into a star in fashion.Cindy Kemigisha

Cindy Kemigisha

Other notable players in the Uganda fashion industry are;

Santa Anzo

Namia Couture

Suubu Njuki

Catherine and Sons

Cindy Kemigisha

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