King Charles Lambert sends strong message to enemies of Africa

King Charles Lambert sends strong message to enemies of Africa

The author of the blueprint of the Africa Rebirth/Renaissance and the founder of the Black Wall Street (BWS) King Charles Lambert has reaffirmed his mission to make Africa one super power by assuring Africans that he is determined to see his dream come true.

King Charles has been in a journey to make Africa great again through compassionate capitalism.
And speaking recently King Charles said: “If I meet you in my journey as an opposition towards making Africa one Super Power nation and you can defeat me, I vow to turn you to my God and worship you. Africa First.”

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King Charles Lambert of BWS

King Charles also revealed he’s in discussion to acquire premises for new headquarters.
“Our headquarters, Black Wall Street Community is an Island off the shores of Uganda on Lake Victoria, to be built as the real life execution of the Wakanda Movie, futuristic, high technology Africa economic headquarters,” he told us.

If all goes according to plan, the Island should be acquired this week.

For years now, King Charles N Lambert has urged Africans that the only way for the continent to prosper and thrive again is through restoration of the African Culture that was destroyed by European colonialists.

Culture defines identity, he said. And for man to overcome mediocrity, he should know his identity.
“It’s sad Europeans took that (identity) from us. We must restore our culture and identity,” King Charles said.

Quoting author Walter Rodney’s book- How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, King Charles said that Europeans messed Africa when they copied and pasted their European systems onto Africa during colonialism.
“These European systems have failed to work in Africa,” he said.

And he explained that Africa needs a fresh setting which he termed as Africa Rebirth.

He went on: “We have to recreate every single part of how Africa society functions in a way that suits Africans, and not how it suits Europeans.
There must be a new approach of doing things in Africa. This is a new system tailored to fit Africans.”

King Charles is the author of the blueprint of the Africa Rebirth/Renaissance.
He said Compassionate Capitalism, the new economic system, is the principal to help emancipate Africans and restore Africa’s deserved success.

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