Kick Boxing: Semata chases American dream

Kick Boxing: Semata chases American dream

There is no time to rest for Uganda kickboxing sensation Umar ‘The Pain’ Semata. After outclassing self-made local great Moses Golola at the ‘Night of Champions’ fight held just over two weeks ago at Freedom City – Namasuba, Semata will today take on Thailand’s Santon Canison in the Kunlun Combat League in China.

Kunlun Fight is a top Chinese kickboxing promotion that debuted in 2014 in Pattaya, Thailand. It started with super fights and a four-man kickboxing tournament including Andrei Kulebin, Petsanguan Luktupfah, Guo Dongwang and Semata.

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This year, Semata will give it another go in the four-man tournament, from which he needs to win only once to qualify for the $100,000 (Shs380m) K-1 Championship Title fight due April 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA.

“Semata is flying the Ugandan flag well so we need to be proud and support him,” Semata’s promoter and president of Pemba Sports Africa (PSA) Jack Pemba, told Show biz online yesterday.


“We have to support him to make it to one of one of the biggest arenas that has hosted some of the biggest fighters like (Floyd) Mayweather and (Connor) McGregor in the past,” Pemba added. Should Semata hit the target, PSA plan to improve his price at future fights in Africa.

“After that Semata will never fight again in east and central Africa for less than Shs100m. Even in Asia we are nearly done.

“He is a very talented fighter taking on opponents in three different styles, no one else is doing that in Africa. Semata is now expensive, one of the best and his stake has to rise,” Pemba added.


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