Ugandan ladies rescued by Bryan White tell horrifying stories after ‘kissing death’

Ugandan ladies rescued by Bryan White tell horrifying stories after ‘kissing death’

Two Ugandan women arrived last evening in Uganda after years of horror in Oman where they had gone to seek for greener pastures. The ladies returned after they rescued courtesy of Bryan White Foundation (BWF)boss Bryan White.

The ladies were rescued after Calvin Rich Kayanja and Jackline reached out to Bryan White seeking for help to rescue stranded Ugandan ladies who were suffering different forms of slavery in the Arab world where they had gone to seek employment.

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Being a humanitarian, Bryan White didn’t hesitate to buy return tickets for them through Calvin Kayanja even when the two had never met.

The ladies landed at Entebbe International Airport last evening and were picked up from the airport by a team from Bryan White Foundation and driven to the foundation’s offices in Munyonyo where they met the man who rescued them (Bryan White).

In a horror story as tears dropped from her eyes,  Nakyanzi Witness who left for Oman after her form 6 through Nairobi Kenyan a few years a go said the lady who connected them switched off her phones when they reached Oman. “When I reached, I didn’t hear from the lady who connected us anymore because she switched off her phone. Like what had taken, I started working but they didn’t pay us, they would pay us little money like less than 200k UGX yet we had agreed more than that.

This little pay would come after months of nonstop work. I was being mistreated and i would wash clothes and carpets with hands telling me that in Uganda that’s what you use because you don’t have washing machines there. As a result of heavy work, got broken bones and I would pass out blood at times and reached an extent of getting blood clot but all they could give me was Panadol. They warned me that if i dare to step out of the house, they would beat you up heavily. My boss cut my hand and refused to take me to hospital until when he reached and I was sneaked out by one of his daughters to seek for treatment and as luck would have it, I met Calvin and Jackline who tried all they could to sneak me out. He told us that there was some humanitarian rich guy who want to rescue us,” Nakyanzi said.

Madina said she would be moved from flat to flat working for 15 people without. They would toss her around and she didn’t think she would return safely in Uganda.

Bryan White while receiving the two ladies warned and cried out to Ugandans who take people abroad and leave them in suffering hands to think twice. “This is a sad story, I will inform the authorities about it. This must stop, I am even lost for words,” he said.

He said this is a lesson to all Ugandans who want to seek employment abroad to watch out the companies they are using. “Some companies are fake and they want to sell you in slavery for their own interests.

It’s better to suffer from your homeland than in a country where you don’t even understand the language,” Bryan added. The ladies thanked Bryan White for the golden heart which he exhibited to rescue them from slavery.

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