Katsha Fears For His Life

South African based Ugandan businessman Shafiq Katumba aka Katsha fears for his life after unknown people tried to hijack him and his property over the weekend in South Africa.


A recording accusing King Lawrence of wanting to kill Katsha has since gone viral on the internet. The hijackers wanted to take him, his posh cars and other valuable property like his bling bling. A close pal said they are also not happy with him because he was the only one who won the award in Starqt Awards last month among the showy Ugandan crew.


There is a concern among the Ugandan community in South Africa because of many deals that go wrong among them especially between money and cars.

So Many Ugandans are beefing Katsha because of his money and cars. A member of Ugandan South African community said the crime is high among the Ugandan community and revealed any soon people could die. He called for security from the authorities. Crime is bad so we advise the Ugandan community in South Africa to desist from such behavior and this will secure them.

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