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Katsha De’Bank reveals 3 success formula for all

By Willy  Byarabaha 

. DeBank: an emerging name in African Business world.

DeBank is one of the emerging entrepreneur of the Africa and his success has earned him the nick name of Warren Buffett of Africa
His motto is based on quotation which states luck favors the prepared only. He believes preparation is key to success in investment trade
For him 3 essentials are pre-requisite for becoming a successful investor. These are diversification, commitment and patience.

South Africa based Ugandan business man Shafiq Katumba aka Katsha DeBank is not about to stop giving words of wisdom for as far as successful business is concerned. 

Investment is a kind of trade where divergence is found everywhere. This is more evident from the attitude of the investors as usually they dont agree on much. But, one thing where they all agree is the preparedness of the mind for doing this investment business. It would not be out of place to say that those who are not prepared well about their goals, intended market and their strategies, they dont augur well in the field of investment. That is why, investors agree on a point that for making money from investment business, you need to develop a strategy based on rationale set of rules. In case you come to market without having a proper strategy, you will be among those who jumped into ocean without a life jacket .

Shafique Katumba who is known as Katsha Debank in whole Africa is a famous businessman is a right example to learn about investment success formula which every investor needs to read. Mr. Debank is the founder of famous Katsha Technology Group. His group controls around fifty companies covering variety of products. He has a reputation of a successful investor. However, his success formula is based on just three main aspects namely:

1. Diversification
2. commitment
3. patience

He has also earned the title of Warren Buffet of Africa and business people termed him as the jewel of Africa. He explains his three pronged strategy in following way.

Debank rule of Diversification speaks about the management of the portfolio. He is of the opinion that new entrants and young investors needs to know the art of diversification. This means that you need not to put all of your eggs in one basket. This rule of diversification will help investors to identify and master the art of investing in the avenues where their earning can handle any setback.
The second leg of his three pronged success strategy speaks about having  attitude of commitment. Investment is a game of commitment . If you lack at this front, you are doomed. Therefore, in order to be a good investors, you need to have commitment with work as in this business stocks go up and down. This is your commitment which will keep you in the game
The last and foremost rule on which entire success strategy is relying is learning the art of patience. If you want to be a successful investor and wanted to be a rich, then you need to understand that successful investors are not concerned with becoming rich in a day. Debank explains that its patience not the speed which will make you rich. Therefore, he always maintained to remember one thing that learn the art of patience and at the end, success in investment industry will be in your lap.

Lastly, Mr. Debank always maintained that reading is the key to making his three pronged formula a success. Therefore, he always advised his colleagues and other fellows to develop the habit of reading.


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