Kampala Parents School parents protest 1.85m online fees set by the school

Parents of Kampala Parents School have strongly protested the proposed charge of 1.85m for online classes.
In a letter addressed to the school’s director, Chairman, Principal and Board of Directors, the parents have voiced their concerns and called for consideration on facilitation fees to continue accessing online teaching as of July 2020.

The disgruntled Parents said it’s unfair for the school to charge yet other similar schools are offering same service at no cost.
They copied the letter to the Minister of Education and top officials in the ministry,
The parents also said the term one school fees was fully utilized because the schools were closed midway through the term. Below is the full letter by parents;
To The Director, Kampala Parents School
The Chairman, Kampala Parents School
The Principal, Kampala Parents School Board of Directors, Kampala Parents School.
18th June 2020
Dear Sir,
On behalf of the many disgruntled parents of Kampala Parents School, we write in response to a circular/invoice-dated 17th June from the financial controller which has been handed over to parents today and is making “waves” on social media in which Kampala Parents School is demanding for a FACILITATION FEES equivalent to 100% school fees to enable pupils to continue with the online learning from July 2020 onwards. For perspective, the school is demanding for a range of 1,750,000shs (Lower primary) to 1,950,000shs (Primary 7) per child to facilitate online classes without fully exhausting similar fees that had been paid up 100% of the 1st term.
As we are all aware, the COVID 19 PANDEMIC (global) has for the past 4-5 months brought the world to a standstill. Ugandan Schools including Kampala Parents School complied to the call by the President of Uganda to close on March 20th, 2020 as a means of mitigating risks of contracting COVID by our learners while in school. This led to our children forfeiting 2 months of classroom education despite having paid 100% school fees at the start of that term!
While other schools of the same caliber e.g.- Greenhill Academy quickly organized online Classes for all their learners over 6 weeks, provided support and notes/revision during the COVID lockdown at no extra charge, Kampala Parents School made very limited effort to engage with their overall learners or parents/guardians. A few televised lessons were undertaken targeting mostly Primary 7 pupils (which now appear to have been more of an advertisement for the school) leaving the rest of the lower classes out. No extra workbooks or revision notes were provided by the school (beyond the one provided at close of school on 20th March).
We were very frustrated as parents to learn that we had to pay extra fees to access the Kampala Parents School ZOOM online classes which were to commence on 25th May 2019. It was only after parents made a lot of noise that the school allowed all learners to access these classes. Bearing in mind that our learners had only studied full time for only a month (in financial terms averaging out at 1,850,000shs per child multiplied by the over 2000 KPS Pupils, at worst case scenario with 70% fees payment- generated at least 2.5 billion Uganda shillings in Term 1, 2020.
Since our children spent only a month out of the mandatory 3 months term 1 period prior to lockdown – only a little fraction of the Term 1 fees was used.
It is appalling to learn that the school has not bothered to call a parent’s engagement meeting to alert parents on the new FACILITATION FEES requirement for continuing with online classes.
Our main concerns;
– We are cognizant that this is a private institution, but IT IS STILL REGULATED by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports which HAS NOT pronounced itself officially on the opening of Second term, 2020 and the acceptable fees structures for distance/online schooling.
– We strongly believe that Kampala Parents School made a significant saving off 1st Term school fees which should be sufficient to pay their teaching & support staff salaries while facilitating free access to Zoom classes for paid up learners until the MOES officially declares the 2nd Term!
– We would like to inform you that many long/short term customers of this school (parents and guardians) have lost income/business during the just concluded COVID lockdown. Where do you expect them to get the 100% FACILITATION fees by July 2020?
– We as parents and guardians of Kampala Parents Learners, have already exhausted our savings to procure Computers/Laptops, suitable working environments-desks/chairs, Internet to enable the ongoing Zoom lessons, let alone bearing the costs of Food, Stationary, Utilities (water and Electricity), Extracurricular, Medical- all of which are usually catered for in school fees ! We cannot bear this ongoing cost and still an extra FACILITATION FEE for online studying.
– Whereas the directors feel entitled and empowered to demand and threaten parents as they wish, we would like to remind them that this ONCE MIGHTY school existence depends on the good will of its short- and long-term customers/stakeholders who are us- parents and guardians of Kampala Parents School. You have not made any effort whatsoever to reach out to the parents’ community to engage them on this issue.
– The Parents Advisory Board has provided guidance advocating for the parents but instead, you have threatened and continue to order parents through circular and invoices.
With the above said, we would like to call the school directors and management to reconsider their harsh stance;
1- Await for the official pronouncement of 2nd term opening by the Ministry of Education and Sports before asking for any further school fees.
2- The online learning should continue for all learners who fully paid Term 1 fees with no extra FACILITATION FEES demanded.
3- That the School Directors and Management uphold values of Honesty, Empathy, Integrity and Transparency (open and non-discriminatory communication) whilst dealing with the parent’s fraternity and desist from threatening us but seek to engage with parents body ( Parents Advisory Board & LARGER PARENTS FORUM) on a ZOOM call or in a meeting at school to reach an agreeable position.
As parents, we hope that Kampala Parents School which is mandated to comply with the rules and regulations of the MOEs can give our concerns due consideration in-order to reach an agreeable position. Otherwise, we are being forced to escalate this matter beyond KPS.
P7 Parents,
On behalf of ALL Kampala Parents School Parents 18th June 2020
C.C The Minister of Education and Sports
C.C The Minister of State, Primary Education, Ministry of Education and Sports C.C The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Sports
C.C The Commissioner Basic Education, Ministry of Education and Sports
C.C The Director Basic Education, Ministry of Education and Sports.

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