I Am An Independent Woman Happily Dating – Desire Luzinda

I Am An Independent Woman Happily Dating – Desire Luzinda

All through last month, news was awash the social scene of how sexy Desire Luzinda was going a notch higher and holding her first concert since 2008 at Kampala Serena.Ready to rock: Desire Luzinda Ready to rock: Desire Luzinda

Like the snoops we are, Showbiz Uganda tracked Desire who has a good musical voice and a body to match.

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Unlike Juliana, Desire Luzinda has over the years put great effort into looking great, and it has paid off. While a good number simply thought that she was someone who popped up to give Juliana some competition, Desire had other plans. She was out to create a brand as one of the most lusted over high-maintenance women in town. Below are her words

SU: Who is Desire Luzinda?

Desire Luzinda: Desire Luzinda is a ‘Forever 25’ year old musician, mother of 1 daughter, happily dating and independent woman.

SU: Tell us about your music

Desire Luzinda: I always find this the hardest question because with Ugandan music, it is a bit hard to categorise but am certain I fall between Afro-beat with a fusion of R ‘n’ B.

SU: What do you have for your fans this year?

Desire Luzinda: This has started in high gear and looks brighter. I have not had a concert since 2008 but with the increasing demand from my fans, come 6th June this year Kampala Serena hotel will rock with the ‘Black n White Affair’ concert.

SU: How have you managed showbiz life with all stalking?

Desire Luzinda: Oooh, stalking is no longer a problem to me. Actually I grew up with lots of stalkers because of my beauty though it became different when i started singing. Initially i was scared of what would follow as a young woman starting my singing career in 2007 but over the years as I grew and established myself, I learnt how to deal with it. I am not the kind you will find in all happening places in town nor functions and it is one way I have kept away from. Being more available gives more room to stalkers to follow you.

SU: What do you think Ugandan music industry is missing?

Desire Luzinda: Personally, I look at the positive side of the industry reason being, it has grown from scratch, which we need to appreciate because it continues to grow by the day and gives the younger generations more opportunities.  In a nutshell, what is lacking will surely be achieved over time.

SU: What has been the biggest challenge in the industry?

Desire Luzinda: The biggest challenge in the industry has been people being very judgemental but it stems from the press that writes false stories thus corrupting readers’ minds. Nevertheless, judging me no longer gives me sleepless nights because anyone in the limelight lives a different life from ordinary people so you have to be criticised.

SU: Tell us about love life, are you dating and who is the lucky guy?

Desire Luzinda: I am happily dating though not yet for public consumption.

SU: How do you feel being among top female singers?

Desire Luzinda: I feel great and an achiever being among the top female singers in the country. We work to achieve and when you achieve you are recognised, when you are recognised you’re appreciated and when you’re appreciated you’re celebrated. I may not have reached the highest of levels but I am glad I have reached this far. What more can one ask for.

SU: Any hobbies?

Desire Luzinda: Hmmmmm, I actually love a clean environment so most of my free time I stay home and do lots of cleaning. I have not had a maid for the last 4 years because it is the choice I made so I do all my house chores.

SU: And you look up to who in life?

Desire Luzinda: My mother inspired and still inspires me. Chic is too hardworking, a no nonsense woman and believes nothing is impossible if you do it with your heart and the right way.

SU: What are your favourite movie, dish, song and hangout?

Desire Luzinda: Favourite movie, I don’t know because I am not a movie person and am not good at remembering titles. I can’t live without rice and beef. Being the woman that I am today, places with quiet music and less congested are my favourite hangouts.

SU: How do you manage to mix music and other business plus being a single mother together and your perfect them?

Desire Luzinda: I would not call it perfection because there are times the people you employ steal from you and you’re hit hard. However, most of my businesses are run by my elder sister who literally sacrificed her well paying UN job to manage my companies like Dizzy Shuttles, Hitec studio and my Farm.

SU: What is your message to young upcoming singers especially ladies

Desire Luzinda: Young upcoming singers should believe in themselves and fight on. We all started from nowhere but it is persistence and hard work that got us here.

SU: Much pomp around town about your Serena concert, an words?

Desire Luzinda: Ooooooh yeah, ‘Black and White Affair’ is my concert due to take place on the 6th of June 2014 at Victoria Hall, Kampala Serena Hotel. Its all about elegance and meeting my fans as well as giving back to the society because 30% of the concert proceedings will go to Ibanda Babies home, a charity home I have always supported. That is the more reason people should come and be part of the ‘Black and White Affair’ with Desire Luzinda.

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