Huawei 2020 Seeds for the Future Online Study Kicks off

Huawei 2020 Seeds for the Future Online Study Kicks off

Kampala; Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, has today kicked off the one week intense seeds for the future training through online and live broadcast sessions from 7th to 11th September 2020.

Huawei is to train 37 top ICT students recommended from the various universities of Uganda in areas of Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Cloud, Artificial intelligence and 5G related courses.

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According to the Huawei Public RelationsDirector Mr. Gao, The training that will last one week shall be an online training where students are required to stay at home but study.

“During this one week’s program from 7th to 11th September, the students shall be trained and nurtured in the latest technological trends such as 5g and cloud computing among so many others. We hope that the students utilize this chance to learn for free so that they can translate from seeds to tress and forests that shall be of great importance to Uganda and its ICT Sector. We shall provide them with all the necessary logistics such as data, airtime to keep online,” he said.

The seeds for the future program is Huawei’s Corporate Social Responsibility flag ship program that began in 2008. This program takes 10 students every year to China for  hands- on technological training in the latest industry trends. Approximately 30,000 students have taken part since inception. But because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Huawei Managing director added that the company globally introduced this online study to promote continuity of the program without any boundaries and limitations.

Uganda’s deputy head of missions to China Mr. Henry Mayiga, the chief guest at the program opening ceremony on zoom noted that Seeds for the Future is an initiative China is using as a vehicle for technological transfer to the world, Africa and Uganda in particular.

The Seeds for the future project is comes in handy to facilitate the technological transfer by way of boosting ICT Usage and capabilities in Uganda, Africa and the world atlarge. I can only say that Huawei is helping to further cement the superb and robust Sino-Uganda relations whose strong foundations,” he said.

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