How NBS Television’s investment in technology has given rivals a run for their money

How NBS Television’s investment in technology has given rivals a run for their money

Following the lockdown by President Museveni, many news houses have been forced to close temporarily, while others have resorted to playing recorded music mixes in place of live show programs.

Notably, NBS Television has continued with near-normal programming, if not even doing more with all the adjustments they have made with the COVID-19 coverage.

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This period will be long remembered as one where those that planned well in advance flourished, and NBS Television in particular shall be spoken of. When all this is done, the squabbles over which one is Uganda’s number one television station will be long gone.

NBS Television has gone all-in on the coronavirus coverage, having several interviews via Skype and related technology, enabling them to still have impact interviews in a time when their guests can hardly leave their homes. This will have also helped them in managing the numbers in their studios at a time when social-distancing is paramount, while also protecting their employees from possible infection.

Their new special daily COVID-19 4:30 pm bulletin is another testament to impeccable use of technology for NBS Television, where the use of the COVID-19 visualizer is being used to show how the novel coronavirus is affecting the world in real-time. This way, accurate information and statistics have been relayed to the general public, helping in the fight against the wrong information on the pandemic reaching the masses.

NBS Television, well-known for their clear and excellent live coverage, have also had a vastly improved streaming experience going through this period via, with their social media platforms also added to the options list. Great appreciation also has to be given to their digital team who have kept their socials very active with timely updates on all breaking news or updates on COVID-19.

Credit where it is due, NBS Television has rightly championed the fight against the infodemic, and presented yet more evidence that technology is the future.

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