Six arrested at Nasser ‘University’ over defying Presidential directives

Joint security team has arrested six suspects for opening their shops at Nasser Road in Kampala.
Their action was defying the Presidential directives banning non-food business operations for 14 days.
“We learnt that the six were transported in lorry box body up to Nasser Road alongside others who took off when they saw security officers,” Onyang said.
Security got information about their defiance, a team was dispatched to deal with them.
The suspects include Achileo Yisufu, Kizito Pascal, Byamusha Wiliam, Matovu Alex , Engemu William and Kagoro Meddi.
They are being charged under section 117 of the Penal Code Act. They are currently detained at CPS Kampala.
SP Patrick Onyango, PRO Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) confirmed their arrest.

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