How do i overcome addictions like ponography, alcohol, drugs and Sex?

How do i overcome addictions like ponography, alcohol, drugs and Sex?

When a woman wants to establish her self in a man’s life for marriage, there things they start doing to show or dominate their guy’s space.

She will visit his home and leave her shoes, next time she will come and leave like two clothes, another time she will bring friends over and leave more things. She leaves them there as a mark of her presence in that house and a threat to any other ladies that visit in her absence . Two, she is provoking a reaction. The man’s reaction towards this move will give deeper understanding of his thoughts and plans in a near future or towards her.

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Mind you. Her ultimate goal is marriage and Parmanent residency but she has a strategy that’s administered in sweet portions , that are harmless but robbing you of your independence therefore becoming addicted to her presence and enjoying her offers…like cleaning your house, cooking you meals and top it up with Free sex and all she is doing is expose you to a life you need but lack and slowly You give in to these sweet offers and boom! She is pregnant and that’s when the pressures to officially marry her because of her family etc pop up.
Had this lady just come one day with all her Luggage at once to stay in your house, you would have freaked out and chased her away . But cunningly she administers her drug in little doses and sweet portions. ( ladies am sorry, no offense at all, when it comes to learning and helping somebody out there. I don’t spare my own self of shame).

Addictions are baits and strategies that the devil uses to dominate and fully control a human being. A bait is usually something you love or desire but don’t have readily available so his work is to find your sweet spots, your weaknesses and capitalize on them. Have you noticed that most of the musicians that are famous started singing in church, 90% had a local church where they sang as young kids but as the gift grew, the devil capitalized on their appetite for fame and quick money and he cunningly lured them to change their music in exchange for fame and money.

Don’t forget he was Chief worshiper and he was famous and is still famous . As for drinking, he will make sure that he sends you drunkard friends or men with money to always offer you free alcohol and they can be persistent atleast they will pick you and drop you ( note: such friends will never give you capital, they will not contribute to your school fees, they are advocates and will always be quick to buy a bottle but can’t give you a penny or rent ) .
The day you start fasting is when porn videos will pop up from messenger and Watsup and before you know it you are watching porn on day one of fasting. He is slowly establishing his presence in your life and very soon he will start suggesting a few things to you like, it’s okey to sleep with a married man after all you didn’t call him , it’s God using him to bless you.

What you need to understand is that spirits cannot operate in this 3rd dimension without bodies . They cannot be effective on earth if they don’t inhabit human bodies so they are constantly searching for one weak, empty prayer-less person to inhabit and use and like I mentioned above , they come in a sweet friendly way you may never know the devil is using you or taken over. He will show you how easy it is to masturbate after all you didn’t sleep with any man or woman, you are just playing with your own self . Remember he is a master of lies and wickedly intelligent but not smart.

The word devil means Diablos – (consistently piercing through ) He was named after his character so we need to understand that we are dealing with a spirit whose mission is to steal, kill and destroy and his nature is to consistently , persistently pierce through to you with seductive addictions, challenges , poverty , failed marriage until you give in to his suggestions and he takes you down the drain.

Addictions is not his main goal, these are seductive strategies to weaken your spirit and render you powerless when it comes to drugs , sex , lies and pornography . He has shifted you from a position of a son of God to eating with pigs and how he does that is by capitalizing on your huge appetites and making sure you have plenty of it leading you to destruction.
That’s why when you declare a fast, you get free food offered to you everywhere and you have no will power to say No. When you keep your tithe, a child falls sick and you end up compromising . All these are devices he uses and Paul says we are not ignorant of his devices .
He wants to waste your time on earth by pre occupying you with addictions until he turns you into a useless man or woman.

Now , such addictions are not defeated by your might or power. It’s like walking into a room that’s totally dark. You can’t start punching darkness to disappear neither can you try to widen your eyes with toothpicks like Mr. bean in order to see. No. There is a formula that has been designed to dissolve darkness and that is simply turning on light. The moment light is turned on, it’s like magic. Darkness must disappear. Same applies to addictions, no matter how much parents talk, pastors talk, wife complains even you the victim may have had enough and you just want to stop. I want you to remember that there is a force that has taken over you and it manifests through these addictions but the only way to drive it completely out of your life Is to turn on the light inside of you. To allow another greater power invade your life. Jesus is light, the word of God is light and where he resides darkness departs.

What we are doing here is to dethrone the intruder that slowly brought her shoes, her sex offers , her lustrous desires, her drugs into your house ( temple)By allowing the light of God to confront the darkness within you . In other words subject yourself to new Ownership , let God invade your life, all his power to move through you and trust me once he is lord over your life! No addictions can remain in his temple because he will sweep it clean and take full occupancy and turn on the light within you for the whole world to see.
He imputes himself in you and you Seize to be driven by flesh. As your spirit feeds on the word , it enlarges and is strengthened then the body weakens and succumbs to your spirit.

You won’t know how you stoped smoking, pornography starts to disgust you, alcohol only gives you headache because you are already high on the holy spirit not satanic spirits. Slowly by slowly. You are transformed into a new creation and the more word you study and yield to a life of prayer, the once upon a time porn addict is used by God to set the captives free thus Purpose ❤️

Don’t beat your self up. We have many tongue speaking Christians addicted to porn, sex, drugs and my prayer today is that his love fishes you out so you can be used to fish others by shining your light so bright . It’s doable and it’s easy, just accept that you can’t do it on your own and ask him to help you. He is more than willing to redeem you, invade your life and bring you into an abundant life. That’s what took him to the cross, there is nothing you can’t overcome in Christ Jesus. Nothing.

God bless you
Much love❤️
Hope Kemigisha

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