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Hon Hillary Kiyaga launches 2023 Bulungi Bwansi at Butoolo Health Centre 

Mawokota North Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Hilary Kiyaga popularly known as Dr. Hilderman has officially launched 2023 Bulungi Bwansi in his constituency.
This was at Butoolo Health Centre in Mawokota North in Mpigi District.
During the launch, Hon. Hilderman said some things are achievable if people kill the ‘Government Should Help Us’ syndrome.
He called on the government to wake up and perform it’s duties.
“Officially launched 2023 Bulungi bwansi at Butoolo health centre. We can either wait in vain for Government service delivery or prioritize to awaken the individual responsibility spirit into our people on what they can accomplish as community.
Some things are achievable only when we kill the GOVERNMENT ETUYAMBE SYNDROME which was inculcated into our people deliberately to make them dependents on political leaders and system.
Where leaders must pay for fuel for a road to be maintained is a clear signal that the government is non existing just like a parent who can’t take his responsibilities at home. Thanks to fellow local leaders,” Hilderman shared on his social media platforms.

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