HBK Company in water theft scandal

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National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) field staffs have unearthed another illegal water user. The shamed company is HBK  and this was discovered at their site in Nankulabye last week.

“Our engineers have nabbed HBK Company site in Nankulabye with a meter bypass cheating NWSC million of money. Customers who steal water deny many deserving customers a right to clean safe water,” NWSC.

In related news, another illegal water user was nabbed in Kyaliwajjala. The owner of the pictured house below also spent nights in coolers.

NWSC has advised its customers and water users to legalise their water connection today and avoid embarrassment, arrest and the ongoing name and shame campaign.

Meanwhile NWSC has continued to promote tourism, trade and industrialisation in Karamoja region. This was witnessed last week when they connected Seven Ranges Hotel in Moroto to piped water. “We are aggressively extending our network to serve more people. We believe in safe clean water for all,” NWSC.

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