‘How I started my salon’ – Carol Flower

‘How I started my salon’ – Carol Flower

NTV Uganda Gospel presenter and FeZabu Salon proprietor, Carol Flower has revealed that a woman can do amazing things without the help of a man. Flower recently started FeZabu Salon which is located at Sojovalo Hotel in Rugaba and this has made receive many calls and message asking her about who is financed the salon investment.

Carol Flower said she started the salon on her own

This is what she said; “Ever since I opened up my salon I have received a number of calls from different media sources wanting to know how I was able to put up a Salon like FeZabu and who is financing it.

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It is quite unfortunate how our society still thinks a woman can’t be innovative, creative, successful, and financially stable without the help of a Man.

This is how I make it, Am a television presenter with NTV, Am a Hair stylist and Makeup artist, am a wedding planner, plus am also in to Network marketing and World adventure. I don’t look down on opportunities and I don’t self pity myself. My day starts at 4:00am and ends at 12:00am.

Am humble, am down to earth, respectful and that’s how I attract and maintain my clients.

Above all, am a Giver, I TITHE and my trust is fully in God.

To conclude my conversation, this is what I have to say….. Women can make it and do make it without the help of a Man. Have a blessed Monday,” Carol Flower.

FeZabu Salon at Sojovalo Hotel in Rubaga

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