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Urban Boys, Judith Heard promise top notch Rwanda/Burundi Night

The second edition of Rwanda/Burundi Night is slated for Saturday 29th April at Cayenne Lounge and Restaurant. Singers Sheebah Karungi, Urban Boys from Rwanda, Bruce Melody, Kebby Bob from Burundi and DJs Africano and Franco are set to provide entertainment to the revellers.


Urban Boys performing in Uganda in a concert for the first time have promised top class act on stage.

The 9-year old group comprises of Safi Madiba, Humble Jizzo and Nizzo Kaboss. On the night, the group will also premiere their latest collabo with Ykee Benda titled ‘Nipe’. “On 29th, Rwanda, Burundi and Ugandan partiers will be the first to hear this song,” Safi said in an interview with Showbiz Uganda.

“We have many surprises to our fans on Saturday. They will be the first people to listen to our new song with Ykee Benda titled ‘Nipe’. We are premiering it and we will also perform it on the night. Its video is premiering next week,” he added.

“On the night we shall have many people who speak Kinyarwanda and it’s a great opportunity for us to perform as well as sell our name to a bigger audience”.

On the Ugandan music industry, Safi said the industry is bigger than Rwanda’s. “We are just building from genocide mess and we appreciate what Ugandans do. Most Ugandans are professional and we hope to emulate them in the near future”.

Judith Heard with the Urban Boys yesterday at Cayenne ahead of the big do this week

Rwanda Music Industry is coming up. We are doing shows in Europe and in five years time, we will be pushing for greater heights. We are doing many collabos to capture bigger audience. In five years, we will be where other East African countries are”

“Ugandans and Rwandans are the same and when we are in Uganda it’s like being home away from home,” Safi said.

Sources close to the trio say the group is trying to be international as soon as they can. In their singing, they are using different languages to capture big fan base. Their plan is to be global stars who will be performing across the globe in the next five years.

Host of the night, Judith Heard, said partiers should expect a lot of surprises. “I will speak Kinyarwanda and I am honoured to be hosting the night for second time in a row”. All top celebs and friends are going to be around. Burundi, Rwanda and Canada friends are all coming. The first event was successful and we expect this to topple the first one.

“We are excited because Urban Boys are premiering their latest collabo with Ykee Benda titled ‘Nipe’…we are extremely excited. As a half Ugandan/Rwanda, am proud to host this event and its going to be amazing. It’s good for me to host again and this shows that people trust me and value me. We have got three DJs from Rwanda and Burundi as well Musicians…it’s a must attend night,” Judith Heard said. The night is sponsored by Castle Lite and Rwanda Air and entrance fee is 25k and 500K for a table of six people with a bottle of Jameson.

Enjoy Nipe lyrics by clicking on this link https://m.youtube.com/watch…

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