George Kanyeihamba shares lunch Bobi Wine’s family

George Kanyeihamba shares lunch Bobi Wine’s family

Former Attorney General and retired Supreme Court Judge George Kanyeihamba has visited the family of National Unity Platform (NUP) leader and former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The family said it was a great honour to have lunch with the retired judge.

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“It was a great honor for our household to host Prof. Dr. G. W. Kanyeihamba and share lunch with him. On his way to our house, he carried with him very beautiful, meaningful gifts for us. Bobi bought copies of his new book “CHALLENGING A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” which he is meant to distribute among the NUP newly elected members of Parliament. He gave me a copy of my own which I read that very night. When I told professor that I had been studying his literature for two years now, he was quick to ask why I had so much interest in his works. I told him of how I was pursuing my MA in human rights and In his own words he said… “I am the master of human rights! Make sure you ask me any questions you have about that subject.” Prof. Kanyeihamba has an admirable, sharp memory! Moments with him have severally been beautiful! He is a resource that those who would love to expound their knowledge on rule of law should tap into,” Barbie Kyagulanyi posted.

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