Frank Gashumba pays tribute to his daughter

Frank Gashumba pays tribute to his daughter

Economic and civil rights activist who also doubles as entrepreneur as well as motivational speaker, Frank Gashumba has paid tribute to his television personality daughter, Sheila Gashumba.

The motor mouthed speaker made the tribute as Sheila celebrated clocking 21 years. Sheila who started television career at a tender age is now a co presenter at The Beat entertainment show on NTV Uganda. Below is Gashumba’s tribute to his daughter;

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“Happy birthday to my friend, to My Daughter; the Silent Lioness!

I know you inspire millions of your age mates and those above your age across the globe.

At the age of 9, you broke the record as the youngest person accredited to cover the CHOGM event in Kampala in 2007.

I know you’re a Fashionista, Award Winning Television presenter, Digital influencer, Brand ambassador for different Brands and CEO for GashGram, the company you started at the age of 17!

As a parent, I will continue to guide you, to protect you, to defend you the way a lioness defends its Cub!

As a single parent, it has not been easy to raise you as an independent, God fearing, and successful young woman.

I will continue to guide and protect you; even if I died tomorrow, the spirits of our grandparents will be there to guide and protect you!

To those of you who have been there and supported Sheila from day one we will always be grateful to you.

Yes at your age you have achieved a lot but as you climb up steep mountains, sometimes you scar you knees, sometime you break your skin don’t focus on the scars, focus on the journey!

Don’t give up dreaming, don’t accept limitations, keep going!

Don’t allow people decide your destiny who already have no destiny.

In the fashion world, you’re a Brand already!

Don’t ever disappoint yourself, Family and Your Nation…Many Youth across the Globe look at you as an Inspiration.

Happy Birthday the Most Beautiful, Intelligent, Smart Young Woman Sheila Gashumba.

I love you so Much! #HappyBirthdaySheilahGashumba”

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