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Sheilah Gashumba unveils the new Uganda Waragi limited Edition

Denzel Shantel- November 9, 2023

In a stunning turn of events, Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur, Sheilah Gashumba, unveiled Uganda Waragi’s limited edition, Lemon and Ginger. This revelation comes hot on ... Read More

Radio 4 threatens to sue Galaxy FM over failure to credit their content

Denzel Shantel- September 7, 2023

Radio 4 103.3 FM Ensunsuzi has threatened to sue Galaxy FM for using their content without creditation. Galaxy FM during one of their programs used ... Read More

Treat Norbert Mao’s latest political decision with fairness

Denzel Shantel- July 25, 2022

By Frank M.Gashumba. Sisimuka Uganda For all those who are attacking and bashing Chairman Norbert Mao when he stood in the 2021 General elections for ... Read More

What you need to know about Sheilah Carol Gashumba

Denzel Shantel- May 27, 2022

By Frank M.Gashumba  Kampala: Her work as an award-winning media personality has seen her travel across the globe; from Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Washington, ... Read More

Photos: Inside Sheilah Gashumba’s car gift from her dad

Denzel Shantel- August 8, 2020

Media and television personality Sheilah Carol Gashumba was last evening surprised by her dad Frank Gashumba with a car gift. Gashumba senior handed over the ... Read More

Gashumba gifts daughter with a monster BMW machine

Denzel Shantel- August 8, 2020

Economic and social activist, Frank Gashumba has gifted his media personality daughter Sheilah Carol Gashumba with a brand new BMW monster machine. Excited Sheilah could ... Read More

Frank Gashumba to sue two top security Agencies’ Officers

Denzel Shantel- July 11, 2020

National Action for Awakening Uganda (NAAU) activist Frank Gashumba has vowed to sue Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Deputy spokesman Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki and ... Read More

When are you bringing my dowry, Sir? Frank Gashumba asks God’s Plan

Denzel Shantel- June 14, 2020

Motor mouthed economic and social activist, Frank Gashumba, has warned his son in law to be to hurry and pay dowry for his daughter and ... Read More

Sheilah Gashumba praised for her bravery on NTV poor pay

Denzel Shantel- May 4, 2020

Former television personality Sheilah Gashumba was yesterday praised on World Press Freedom for brave stand to accuse NTV Uganda of paying presenters peanuts. City lawyer ... Read More

Frank Gashumba questions work of churches

Denzel Shantel- May 3, 2020

Social and economic activist Frank Gashumba has questioned the work of churches in the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic. Churches and mosques world wide have ... Read More

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