Barclays bank’s ready to work program comes with free internet

Are you a young person?

Are you ready to work?

If your answer to the above two questions is Yes, then the Barclays “ReadytoWork” program is the program for you.

The ReadytoWork program is an initiative by Barclays Bank that helps prepare young people for the critical transition from education into the world of work.

The program is set to empower signed up youth with the right training in work, people, money and entrepreneurial skills hence enhancing their employability or self employment prospects.

Airtel Uganda, Chief Commericial Officer, Mr. Deepak Bhartia and Barclays Bank, Executive Director,CFO, Michael Segwaya with Airtel Uganda and Barclays staff, pose for a photo during the launch of ‘ReadytoWork’ launch

According to Rakesh Jha, Managing Director, Barclays Bank of Uganda, “Youth employment is a significant challenge in Uganda and across the continent, limiting the ambitions of the next generation.”

Therefore the bank has made it a point to leverage their human, physical and financial capital to help young people to gain skills and opportunities to prepare for work.

As if that is not exciting enough, Barclays Bank has now partnered with Airtel Uganda in the ReadytoWork Data bundle partnership.

All youth that sign up for the Barclays ReadytoWork program will be provided with free internet as explained by Deepak Bhartia the Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Uganda.

“As Airtel Uganda, we pride ourselves in creating impactful partnerships, which ultimately benefit the community in which we work to make a difference. This is why we are very proud to partner with Barclays Bank to provide data on this ‘ReadytoWork’ program,” said Mr. Deepak Bhartia said.

So, all the ambitious and hardworking youth that are interested in equipping themselves with skills can sign up for the opportunity.

That is not all, those that succeed (with set number of points) will have an opportunity to apply for work experience at Barclays Africa or with any of their partnering companies and entrepreneurs connected to a small business program that enables people start their own business.

Luckily, all the data charges have been sorted by the smart phone network.


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