Family, friends condemn Sudhir’s death rumours

Family, friends condemn Sudhir’s death rumours

The Family of Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, his friends and well-wishers have condemned in the strongest term the ongoing rumours about the tycoon’s death. Today morning rumours were circulated on social media and online media that one of Uganda’s property mogul, Sudhir Ruparelia had passed on.

In good health: Sudhir Ruparelia

“Dr Sudhir Ruparelia is okey, not sick at any one time, all that news going around are false and we don’t know the intentions of the framers of such wild information, kindly lend a deaf EAR to all the ongoing propaganda, thank you so much. Long Live Dr Sudhir Ruparelia,” Family said.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Sources say the ongoing propaganda is financed by certain officials from Bank of Uganda and a certain group of Advocates in town.

During the launch of La Cabana Restaurant at Speke Apartments which he owns on Wampewo Avenue, the tycoon was present and he looked so health as he parted with his guests.

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