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Bryan White speaks out on links to drug deals

‘I am not a drug dealer, Ugandans are only looking for the bad side of me, and they forget I am doing lots of charity’

New don in town and socialite Bryan White real name Brian Kirumira has strongly denied rumours circulating on online media houses that he is a drug dealer.

Earlier this week, it was reported that how new socialite and money bags in town Bryan White is not a genuine Tycoon and his source of income is from drug deals.

While addressing a Press Conference on Friday at Fusion Auto Spa Munyonyo,  tough talking Bryan White trashed drug dealing links to him saying they are aimed at tarnishing his name for no good reasons. “My haters doing their stupid games,” he said.

Bryan White

He said, “Linking someone to drug dealing is very dangerous especially if he is not involved, it can lead one to trouble”.

“Drugs are not just anything like food, it is dangerous and it can cost your life if you are caught dealing in drugs” Bryan said, adding that he felt bad that people don’t see the good side of him and instead link him to drugs.

White went on and said that he has been working in Italy and has come back to help Ugandans although many are still going on to say he never owned a passport.

“It’s okay to say that I have never owned Passport, what I am sure of is I am just from Italy and I don’t know how I would come to Uganda if I didn’t have a passport” Bryan said.

On being linked to Salim Saleh, Bryan said, “If you want to tarnish my name go ahead and do it but never involve Salim Saleh in your bullsh*t because he is a big man and an important person in this country, he can cause you much trouble” Bryan Said.

Bryan White is Ugandan Tycoon who has been working in Italy

Battle of Cash with Pemba

When Bryan White had just come to Uganda, he met at Fusion Auto Spa, a common bar in Munyonyo. It happened that Bryan White was seated exactly where Pemba has always been seated. When Pemba came in, he said that it was his table and he would fight to get it back. Bryan White put 35,000 pounds on the table and told Pemba to place more than him to win back his table. Pemba was seen fleeing the venue perhaps because he didn’t have enough on him.

When Pemba gave Shs100M cash to Abryanz last night, it didn’t go well with Bryan White

“I was told he came back from wherever he was to come and fight for his table, As far as I am concerned, he doesn’t own a table at Auto Spa, the table belongs to customers of Auto Spa and if I found someone there, I wouldn’t say a word regardless of how much I have come to spend” White furiously said.

Like how I came back to Uganda to help my country and do charity here and there because pictures speak a million words. “I have been to different parts of the country and very soon if God willing, I will have covered most parts of the country” Bryan Said.

Bryan White said he has no time for bar fights, he will continue putting his money into charity

Bryan White insisted that he is here to help the youth, poor and the needy. He has so far demonstrated that with a number of charity donations across the country.

Bryan White donating to Mubende home of orphans

He said he will continue doing charity and will not go into bar wars because they are not going to see Uganda slightly develop from where it is at the moment.

Click here to listen to Bryan White’s Press Conference

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