Energy Ministry PS Isabalija warns of conman using his name

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Stephen Robert Isabalija has warned the general public against a conman who is using his name to solicit for funds from members of the public.

The said conman is running a fake Facebook account in the names of Isabalija Stephen Robert and sends messages to his followers demanding for money. He claims that he Isabalija and that he is abroad on national duties and one of the students under his care has gotten an emergency and wants money urgently.

The Conman’s fake Facebook account in the names of PS Isabalija Stephen Robert

The said conman claims Ssenyonga, a student I support at Busitema University his mother is admitted and then asks people to send money through mobile money and will be refunded when he is back. Robert told this website he has never been in Ethiopia before and he just returned from Nairobi yesterday (Thursday 23rd March).

The Fake Facebook account

He said has never asked for money from anyone and advised then general to unfollow, report and block the fake account. On several occasions VIPs have faced similar con tactics with most con men using their names to obtain money from unsuspecting members of the public. “This is a conman. Please don’t be a victim,” Isabalija said. Below is the message the conman is sending to different people.

The message the conman is using to cheat people of their money

“Ssenyonga a student I support at Busitema University just informed me of the admission of his mother at Masafu Hospital Busia , She has been diagnosed with uterine prolapse which is at stage three, and needs an operation as soon as possible for a total hysterectomy. The doctors there need an advance payment to commence it. I have been trying to access western union services here to no avail due to the stringent monetary policies and besides my schedules are very tight. Can you help me send it to him from there through Salabed Mobile Money services and I refund with all costs when am in Kampala by Saturday? I needed it sent right away”.

Stephen Robert Isabalija PS Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

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