EALA RACE: Ambrose Nampwera wants of Trade Barriers eliminated among East Africa countries

As the race for the member of Parliament representing  Uganda in East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) heats up, Mr. Nampwera Ambrose has unleashed what his Agenda is as he runs for the seat.

Ambrose who is a Ugandan trade strategist, political Mobil and economist has vowed to work for the removal of barriers hindering cross-border trade when elected a Member of Parliament for the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA). “I bring strong and fresh momentum towards the elimination of persistent stumbling blocks to quality, regional cooperation in the areas of trade.

Ambrose Nampwera

He also wants to promote innovations towards affirmation of Ubuntu Language agenda towards seamless communication barrier management.

He told this website that he wants to work on boosting and engaging regional security for trade economics.

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