Doctoz App Donates Health Care To Bweyogerere Residents

Doctoz App Donates Health Care To Bweyogerere Residents

The residents of Kito Zone, Kirinya Bweyogere, a suburb in Kampala were the recipients of such good news last week. This was because of a Health Clinic orchestrated by Doctoz App in their area.
At the height of diseases like Blood Pressure, COVID-19, High Glucose levels, access to health care has increasing become hard.

This, according to reports in the area, is because many people lost their jobs, and those who retained their jobs had their incomes substantially reduced. And as a consequence, access to basic health care checkups became impossible.
While speaking to the people who came at the Socially distanced Health Clinic, Shamim Birungi, the Communications Officer of Doctoz App explained that there is need for companies to do more for their communities.

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The doctors from the Doctoz App tested over 370 residents from the area to establish Glucose and Blood Pressure levels. These two tests, Birungi emphasized, were chosen because Covid19 has changed the way people think, and certainly brought about changes in mindsets and healthwise, thus the need to intervene.

“Many of the people here don’t know who to call, or how to react when they get a medical emergency. The health care system leaves a lot to be desired. And that is where the Doctoz App comes in. We deliver reliable and professional health care services to the comfort of our people’s homes, or wherever they prefer,” Birungi spoke.

Birungi further promised that those found with complications will be treated, with priority to the underprivileged.

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