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Meet Kampala queens of Twitter who are using their handles to gain fame, money & status

Social Media platforms have become part of employment to several youths and students who have formed their following on these platforms. Today we bring you some of Kampala’s youthful ladies who are making Twitter a tool to build their income power, fame and status in the society. Here is the list!!!
Sandra Mwesiga ( Ugandan Beauty)

Popularly known as Ugandan Beauty, Sandra Mwesiga’s handle is @Ugandan_Beauty with around 32.8k and plus followers. She popularly tweets about the good deeds of NRM government and its institutions. She also influences for different brands, individuals and products where she earns a living from.

Rita Arinaitwe (Ghost Babe)
Her handles are @Rita_Arinaitwe with 14.6k followers and @RitaStyles20 with 26.5k and plus followers. She boasts of the following that has made her become an influencer for corporate brands and products around town. She earns some good dollars from her Twitter  on a monthly basis.
Esther Birungi 
On top of her profession as a Christian Lawyer, Esther Birungi has used social media to become a brand influencer, communication specialist and a Girl child advocate. Her Twitter is making her earn fame, money and Status. Her handle is @EstherBirungi4 and has 150.6k and plus followers. With this large following, trust her with your brand influencing!!!
Atuhaire Carol
You might have seen face on the billboards around town and this is partly due to her fame and status which she earned from Twitter. Her handle @Atuhairecarol10 with a following of 147.4k and plus is enabling her enjoy the fruits of Twitter by earning money, fame and status.
Faith Kwizera
With a following of 30.6k and plus, this university student is not a joking subject. She has amassed such a large following at a young age.  Like her profile says focusing on money, she is already fulfilling it. Fame, status and money are not eluding her. Her handles are @faithkwizera22 and @faithkwizera2 with 50.9k and plus followers.
Cynthia Ahumuza
She is slowly and slowly growing her following. She is one of the most active ladies on Twitter. Her handle is @A_Cynthia_ with 4458 and plus followers.
Patience Ndagire
Patience Ndagire aka Being Pesh is a marketing Manager at Pinim Digital Media and an influencer. Her handle is @Peshk319 and has a following of 33.2k and plus. This has won her many influencing gigs around town because of her active status. She is earning fame, money and status.
Maggie Atwooki
Margret Katusabe Atwooki aka Maggie Atwooki whose handle is @kamaroma22 has a following of 16.4k and plus. This has enabled to be among social media influencers we have around. She is also the CEO of ‘The Heels Rack’.
Kabugho Ruth Apipawe
She calls herself Miss Independent and her handle is @Apipawe24 with an amazing following of 50.9k and plus. Her profile says it all; Faith, hope and love and this is making her earn big to her side in form brand influence, gigs and advertising. Ruth is a second year student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and also doubles as the CEO of Apiscent.
Nabaasa Pamella
Pamella is a student of journalism and mass communication at UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass Communications and she has a passion for reading books. Her handle is @ankoleroyalty with a following of 23.1k and plus.  This active Twitter experience has made her a digital marketer dealing with different brands in town.
Mima Jamie
Through her handle @MimaJaymie, she has managed to amass large following of 69.1k and plus. This has enabled her to earn some ‘Ka Money’. She also doubles as a Law student and  a social media influencer for different brands!!!
Tracy Kirabo
With 34.9k and plus followers, Kirabo is one of the most followed females around. This made her an influencer working with different brands and products in town. Her handle is @TracyKirabo4
Lyn Mubiru
With more than 33.6 k and plus followers, Lyn is not just sitting on Twitter, she is using it to make money, gain fame and earn status.
Methia Lydia Nabawanda
With her following of 66k and plus followers, Lydia is not sitting back. She continues to grow her account as she influences for different brands and products around town. She is still also a YouTuber. Her handle is @MethiaLydiaN
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