Bryan White splashes 25m on Moze Radio’s treatment

Bryan White splashes 25m on Moze Radio’s treatment

City loaded tycoon Bryan Kirumira aka Bryan White through his Bryan White Foundation has splashed Shs 25m on the treatment of beaten singer Moze Radio who is undergoing intensive treatment at Case Clinic, Kampala.

Bryan White came through with Shs25m to pay for Radio’s medical bills at Case and gave an extra 5m to the General Manager of Case Hospital for the job well done. This was yesterday Friday 26th January 2018.

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Bryan White was accompanied to the hospital by legendary singer Jose Chameleone, Red Banton, Weasel, DJ Michael and many others when he paid a visit to ailing Mozey Radio.

Furthermore, Jose Chameleone has pledged to fill in for Moze for all the upcoming shows that had Good Lyfe on the menu. “We shall be having a Jose and Weasel for now till Radio fully recovers,” Management said.

Check the video of the loaded tycoon handing over the money

After visiting Moze Radio at Case Clinic, Bryan White went ahead and gave singers King Michael and Red Banton iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7 plus respectively.

“After visiting Mozey Radio at Case Hospital, I went ahead and gave my brothers King Michael and Red Banton iPhone 8plus and iPhone 7 plus respectively,” Bryan White posted.

The fight against poverty activist has continued to show his golden heart to everyone in need.

Moze Radio was in involved a bar brawl in Entebbe which left him with serious injuries on the head.

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