‘Happy birthday wishes to Radio were not necessary’ – Jose Chameleone

‘Happy birthday wishes to Radio were not necessary’ – Jose Chameleone

Legendary singer Jose Chameleone said it was not necessary for people to wish ailing singer Moze Radio a happy birthday yet he needed a happy next day. While posting on his wall, Chameleone said it was a shame for many people to do so. Radio who is currently receiving intensive treatment at Case Clinic was on Monday evening assaulted in a bar brawl at The Bar in Entebbe as he left the place to come back to Kampala.

“I had a dream, Radio, Weasel and Me were at a party! Autographing to our fans before a cruise in a big white boat. Some lady came and really dissed me, Praised the might of the Weasel and Radio duo. Came Weasel, and Radio “Lady this is our brother”. Radio came and politely asked me to take a picture of the lady, him and Weasel. I did!! And he told me politely that we need to accept celebrate each other and share love.  That is all about the dream.

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I woke up checked my Facebook found So many people wishing RADIO a happy birthday. Yet we all know he needs a happy next day- Shame. Some want to be relevant and wish people great days amidst their challenges. When will we stop to take advantage of others peoples fate?? Live up. More prayers for Radio from all believers. Type Amen. “Some of them, will pretend they love you now. Yet behind them they hate you,” Jose Chameleone posted.

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