Zari’s ex Pharouque Sempala accused of conning city babe

City bad boy and Zari Hassan’s ex lover Pharouque Sempala is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

The city self celebrate female ‘bonker’ is said to have conned a Daphne Karungi of large sums of money.

The two met on Facebook and hooked up to become lovers. Daphne was later shocked to learn the bad boy is just using her to obtain money , as if that was not enough , he even wanted to have live sex with her without minding if they tested or not.

Pharouque Sempala has been accused of conning Daphne Karungi

Pharouque Sempala has been accused of conning Daphne Karungi

Sempala has denied the accusations but Daphne insists she has evidence inform of video and pictures that pin Sempala. As a matter of fact, she went ahead and ranted on her Facebook timeline as quoted below.

Daphne Karungi: Slander does not just happen to celebrities or political figures. Rumors and lies can make life unpleasant in any social circle. What does one do when threatened with such attacks upon one’s good name? Am choosing to respond to the denials and negative attacks on my name. Yes I made a mistake of believing and getting inclined to falling in love with someone who presented himself as a gentleman.

A person who believes in their own lies being the truth is so dangerous and that’s why i’m now at regrets for even associating with such a person.

As a person who cares about my reputation it’s important to say to all my relatives, friends and anyone I interact with to never judge but always be on the lookout for opportunists who will do anything to remain the person they present themselves to be, if the attacks on my name continue I will have no choice but respond with evidence otherwise I know so much drama may unfold. I don’t intend to continue defending my good deeds and will let all of you to be the judges but I will do anything to clear my name. For all the 172 friends that came in with messages to support me, I love you but can’t answer directly yet.

I will but for now, allow my pain to calm down as I run my businesses as an entrepreneur. The 600 friendship requests in one day? That’s insane, I will not answer those, munsonyiwe bambi am only human. I have a heart that loves, bleeds, a beautiful face and body to go with but I make mistakes. Julie, am sorry, I believed him. May He strengthen you too. Be blessed you all!

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