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We do not ask for any money from anyone, don’t be conned says Bryan White

Bryan White Foundation boss, Bryan White, has warned Ugandans not to fall victims of many conmen around town who using the foundation’s name.

He asked Ugandans to be very careful and be sharp not to fall for the tricks of the ruthless conmen.

Bryan said while addressing a group of people who paid a visit to him seeking for help in different fields.

Bryan White looking concerned as he listens to a story from one of the people who came to seek for help

“I have not yet opened any office anywhere and we are not asking for anything from those bringing in proposals, so please let no one fool you,” Bryan said.

Bryan White speaking to people who came to seek for help

“I came with a very well planned purpose, therefore I find no reason to rush, I ask Ugandans to wait a little more because my office at Musajja Alumbwa Rubaga is almost complete. Even if i gave you money now whether 50 or 100k or any amount, it wouldn’t help you, so I ask you to wait for the offices to open and we see how to help each and every one,” he added.

Bryan advised people an option of engaging in agricultural activities back in their home district because Kampala is too full, you can’t do anything about it.

“We need to love our country, work hard to better our lives as Ugandans and to those running to other countries to seek employment, I advise that the money you use to chase the process to travel there, can, if well planned make you a millionaire here in Uganda,” he advised.

“People who are wasting their time in lodges, bars, those giving births day and night without future plans, I call upon you to wake up and plan for example start with small businesses and step by step, grow to the top,” he said.

“Ugandans be careful about those ready to con you.  Be realistic and think twice before believing these con men, imagine: how can someone lie to you that Bryan White needs fuel from you to be able to meet you,???” That’s so ridiculous, I must say,” he concluded.


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