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Bryan White Foundation sponsors Bika Tournament

The 2018 Bika Tournament is set to officially kick off on Saturday 12th May 2018 at Kitende and today the organisers have unveiled major sponsors.

Bryan White through his Bryan White Foundation has sponsored Bika Tournament 2018. The activist whose foundation’s is to awaken Youths from poverty has announced a UGX 10m sponsorship to the annual Baganda tournament. He also contributed 100 footballs to be used in the tournament which kicks off this weekend at Kitende.

On top of the sponsorship, Bryan White has promised to support Buganda in any activity. He promised to engage in every activity that the kingdom invites him in it.

The Bika cup tournament is a knockout cup competition played by the 52 clans of the Kingdom. The first tournament was held in 1950. The Bika tournament was officially launched by Ssekabaka Sir Edward Mutesa II in 1950. The Mbogo clan was the first winner of the tournament. The tournament was launched to promote unity and harmony among the People in the Kingdom through their clans.

The Kabaka officially opens and closes the tournament, and at the final, His Majesty hands over the trophy to the champions. The tournament is held in June every year.

The annual Buganda inter-clan tournament features clans (Ebika) like Ngabi Nsamba, Nnyonyi Nyange, Ndiisa, Mamba Kakoboza, Musu, Ffumbe, Mutima, Lugave, Mpologoma, Nkerebwe, Enjaza, Entalaganya, Nsenene and Ngonge.

Buganda premier Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga said people should utilise their talents rather than engaging in alcohol and women. “If you want to play good football, don’t engage in alcohol and women,” Mayiga said.

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