Voice peoples’ concerns to politicians – Bobi Wine tells fellow singers

Self claimed Ghetto president and singer Bobi Wine has called on fellow singers to voice out issues affecting common people in their campaign trails.

The singer well known for singing about problems of the common person posted the message on his wall today.

The ‘Dembe’ singer said the artistes’ voices are very strong and that if they voiced the concerns, politicians and leaders can pick a leaf. “Stop singing praise only, tell them the truth,” he said.

Bobi Wine and his family

Voice concern; Bobi Wine and his family

“In Uganda, 282 children and 16 mothers DIE EVERY DAY due to avoidable birth-related causes. They died yesterday, they have or will be dead by the end of today and the same will happen tomorrow until there is a #CHANGE. It has been like that for the longest time. To all my fellow artists doing campaigns, your voice is very strong in this nation and that’s why you get paid by politicians to sing their praises, please use the same voices to create awareness about the plight of common Ugandans. No one is going to represent your people if you don’t. You now have the leaders’ audience,TELL THEM THE TRUTH!,” Bobi Wine posted.

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