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Video Review: Juliana Kanyomozi’s I’m Still Here’ Video

I hereby acknowledge the overwhelming reception for this song video film, and particularly from Bryan Morel.

With a strategized culture assemble, royalty, fashion, colour themed cinematography, simple case song-on and her resonant voice this time in a Reggae instrumentation.

At last i saw photogrid shots intended to discredit the video around an identical similarity with JLO ‘Ain’t Yo Mama’ and BEYONCE ‘Pretty Hurts’ scenes.

We have got to relax and accept one’s supremacy. 99% of the videos we manufacture and enjoy in UG are secondary concepts and developments from existing craft.

By the way, in contemporary arts, it takes a creative parrot to steal your clothes, wear them and they fit him or her. Cause he or she is a gypsy. Juliana Kabaiby.

This is now the most trending released deed from one of the top established Regional music acts ever!

Enjoy I’m Still Here by clicking on this link https://youtu.be/Ap5_LKl53vM

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