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Upendo Now reaches out to school children

Upendo Now has reached out to the needy school children by providing scholastic materials to students. On Friday (yesterday), the group visited two schools where they talked to students and pupils to inspire them.

The schools which were visited by good people at Upendo Now are; Bright Primary School and Nakwaya Secondary School off Hoima Road in Wabinyila, 75km from Kampala.

The two schools received the Upendo Kit that has underwear and pads that should last a year for each girl. They also provided scholastic materials worth millions of shilling for the students to use.

“Yaaaaaassssss WE DID IT??????. This is a start of so many; these are pictures of one of the two schools that we visited today thanks to the Upendo Now program. We distributed 300 Sanitary towels along with underwear to last at least a year. We managed to talk to many elders in the school and the community and as you can see. The gentlemen helped in this.

This is a dream come true. It means IT’S POSSIBLE if we decide to unite and help each other. A lot of people laugh or ignore this project but it’s as important as your favorite Black Lives Matter …because GIRL’S LIVES MATTER. Please take time out and click the link below for details about the good people at #Upendo,” Bryan Mackenzie posted.

What is Upendo Now?

Upendo Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to humanizing menstruation by curbing its stigma and providing young girls and women in Uganda and Africa with sanitary towels and other socio-economic tools needed to rise to their dreams and achieve their true potential.


  • To make menstruation safe and comfortable for girls and young women in Uganda and Africa
    • To stop unnecessary school drop outs and to rule out feminine excuses for unemployment


  • A Uganda and Africa where every girl and young woman will be free and empowered to dream and achieve her dream


  • To provide marginalized girls in Uganda and Africa with free sanitary pads and the right tools to confidently achieve their potential.


  1. To provide environmentally safe, reusable and beautiful sanitary towels to marginalized girls and young women in Uganda and Africa
  2. To teach good health and hygiene habits to girls and women within rural and peri-urban areas
  3. To empower girls and women living within disadvantaged environments with skills to make their own reusable pads for income generation
  4. To demystify menstruation through reaching out to the male audience as well as providing a forum for women to talk about challenges with their periods
  5. To inspire girls and women to achieve the right attitudes and skills to achieve their potential
  6. To provide a safe haven for girls to find counseling and help on puberty, menstruation and teenage pregnancy needs
  7. To provide scholastic materials to young people in the communities to encourage them to continue with school.
  8. To provide mama kits to crisis pregnant mothers


We are targeting girls and women living within vulnerable circumstances;

  • Special needs
    • Girls in rural schools, rural communities and peri-urban environments
    • Teenage mothers and school drop outs
    • Women in prisons.

Find them at

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