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Upcoming model Sharon Promise Kiyimba talks about her modeling career

18-year old Sharon Promise Kiyimba whose Height is 6,0 is a student at Exodus College School Wakiso. 
The S.5 student is doing a combination of Math, Entrepreneurship and Economics (MEE /ICT).  She talked about her modeling career and here are experts from the interview;

SB: When did you start modeling?
Sharon: I started modeling in 2020
SB: What inspired you?
Sharon: was inspired by Doreen Kabareebe
SB: How do you balance modeling and School?
Sharon: I always do my modeling stuff especially in holidays if it’s school time I mean business unless it’s urgent because Education is the key to success. I mainly focus on my books than modeling because I know the right time is coming .
SB: Is your family supportive of your modeling career?
Sharon: Yes

SB: What inspired you to go for the Top model Uganda auditions?
Sharon: I was inspired to go for top model auditions because top model is worldwide not only featuring in Uganda which I knew would help me uplift my talent as a young model.I believe everyone starts from somewhere so I am more than ready to use this chance having been selected through auditions to uplift my modeling career.I love competition because it brings out the best of me.
SB: What is your comment about modeling industry in Uganda
Sharon: Modeling industry is really not easy at the beginning Because you have to put in alot but at end of it it’s the most interesting industry everyone would wish to join.

SB: Who inspired you into modeling?
Sharon: I had the height and I really loved modeling ever since I was still young and  most inspired by Doreen Kabareebe because of her story I read through her website.
SB: Where do you see yourself in the next five years
Sharon: I see myself as the most sought for Model representing different brands both local and international.I see myself joining the university and pursuing business accounting at the university.Let’s pray COVID goes away because it is affecting everyone.I do not see myself remaining in Senior five forever.COVID is slowing down the economy and everything.We should follow the SOP’s as we pray it goes away.We have dreams to achieve.
SB: Tell us about your love life
Sharon: Am still young to think about such things.Am only focusing on my books and modeling career.

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