Kampala’s Wan Base Afrique Audio- visual production house and record label to take on Africa by storm

Kampala’s Wan Base Afrique Audio- visual production house and record label to take on Africa by storm

The brains behind East Africa’s latest and well-equipped Wan Base Afrique, an audio-visual production house and record label, reveal that they will build the outfit into more than just a record label.

Nestled in the leafy Kampala suburb of Naalya, Wan Base Afrique, will focus on facilitating artists to produce hit singles, collaborate on new releases, catalogue, brand partnerships, live and sync deals.

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Investing in state of art audio and video production equipment, the label is fully fledged and will be offering 360 deals to artists across Africa initially providing among others, audio and visual production of secular and gospel music, info commercials, music publishing and distribution, documentaries and films while also enabling creatives’ talent identification, promotion, and events management.

The label launches soon with a flagship roster, that includes rapper Vyper Ranking, a sensational urban gospel diva, Jojo Wan who has done a song “Nimuwombe” that features renowned artist and music producer, Daddy Andre.

In making the announcement, Wan Base Afrique publicist, Stephen Muneza says, “It is a historic achievement that we are now able to open the doors of this iconic label to Africa, to create an authentic and trusted home for those who aspire to be the best in music and wider creative arts spectrum. Wan Base Afrique will build a new breed of artists, that will push the boundaries of music from Africa, to reach new audiences globally.”

Sheila Mugenyi, Finance and Administration Manager says, “Wan Base Afrique is going to complement the already existing music labels in Uganda to give creatives an opportunity to belong to a professional brand, and the calibre of artists already on the roster, shows that this is a record label, truly dedicated to supporting the very best talent from Africa reach new audiences on a global level.”

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