Public Lauds NWSC Priscillah’s commitment at work

It is very rare for a public servant to be praised out of the blue but for National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)’s Priscillah is a different case.

Ms Priscillah who works at NWSC Nakulabye branch has been praised for her excellent work and for always attending to customers timely with a trade mark smile.

“I think Priscillah is passionate about her job, she is always quick to respond,
Looks stress free and she gives us hope that with her and NWSC, our future is bright,” a NWSC customer told us.

While our spy was moving around Nakulabye, there was a group of people who were sharing a drink and when he sat next to them, the talk was about Priscillah…. that lady makes things easier at NWSC, when you raise any issue regarding water, the response is very quick from her and the next you is team to handle your issue. “She is very perfect on her job,” a group of NWSC customers said about Priscillah.

Whatever job she is doing at NWSC, Priscillah is good at it and does it with passion.

She handles customer commercial complaints like responding to all water related complaints such as no water, timely customer reconnections in a perfect and proper way.

Her bosses must be very proud of this young lady. Watch the space!!!

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