Unveiling South Africa based Ugandan silent money bags

Some of Ugandans based in South Africa who are rich love to show off their riches and the fact is, they have money. Today we unleash before you the richest silent Ugandan promoter based in Pretoria South Africa.

Ali Mawale is loaded but keeps a low profile
Ali Mawale is loaded but keeps a low profile

He is not known to many because he keeps a low profile but many of the artistes know who this guy is because almost every Ugandan artist has eaten on his money and his name Ali Mawale commonly known as Alima Alima.


The loaded promoter is a married man with two beautiful daughters, his love for Allah is endless & his giving heart is big.


He employs more than 30 Ugandans in Madiba land and sources say he has helped many find jobs.


The promoter loves his family especially daughters and is always talking about them on social media.



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