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Tycoon Drake Lubega told to vacate Baganda Bus Park as Charles Muhangi wins long standing court case  

City tycoon Francis Drake Lubega has lost a case of appeal against eviction from Quaricell Bus Terminal locally known as Baganda Bus Park. Lubega had appealed against eviction saying he was the true owner of the 0.57 Hectares on Plot 50-52 Nakivubo Road.

Charles Muhangi
Charles Muhangi has been given a go ahead to take over Quaricell Bus Terminal

Supreme Court judges finally have ruled that city businessman and former Rally ace, Charles Muhangi of Horizon Coaches Limited is the true owner of Quaricell Bus Terminal popularly known as Baganda Bus Park sending fellow businessman Drake Lubega out.

Drake Lubega has lost the case to Charles Muhangi

On 26th May 2017, five judges who included Hon. Justice J. Tumwesigye, Hon. Justice L. Tibatemwa, Hon. Justice E. Kisaakye, Hon. Justice S. Arach Amoko and Hon. Justice E. Mwamgutsya in presence of the lawyers of warring parties all kicked out Mr Lubega and was given fourteen days to vacate the said property in the case who reference number is REF 17/5/2017.

The judgment puts to rest a case that has dragged on for over fifteen years  between the two tycoons. Charles Muhangi said he was very happy and satisfied with the court’s decision.

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